Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A reason to love laundry

I have done scads of laundry today.  I had gotten behind on my putting away from last week, and then of course it has already piled on for this week.  As you well know, there is no time for rest when it comes to this task.  As I was aimlessly folding, I pulled out my baby dude's cute little underwear.  We've been trying to work on potty-training this week.  I keep calling his underwear panties - that's all I've ever known!  He doesn't correct me, because frankly, thats all he's ever known too!! As I was folding his "panties" I was struck by how cute and adorable and wonderful they are.  And DIFFERENT!!!  No princessess or Dora or Bratz or flowers.  No, these are Lightning McQueen, and Buzz Lightyear and Thomas!!  Very manly panties.  They are so teesny tiny, and so "man-like", and I love them.  Even though it has been just a week since he's been wearing them, there are quite a few pairs in the laundry as he has not quite gotten the hang of it.  But, he's learning, and will get it one of these days.  Until then, I don't mind folding umpteen pairs of my boys drawers ... as long as Michael will forgive me for writing about them on the blog and referring to them as panties.  

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