Friday, January 2, 2009


Who is happy in the morning and grumpy when he's hungry.
Who adores his mama and doggy, worships his daddy and Ashley.
Who loves firetrucks, Mater, Thomas and Lightning.
Who plays with rescue heroes, sisters and monster trucks.
He thinks hotdogs are yummy and Marky is funny.
His blankies are his favorite especially when he's sleepy.
Who doesn't like naps or getting in trouble.
Who loves to run fast, yell loud, and make shooting noises.
His goal for the year is to potty in the big potty.
The only boy in our family, yet he's gentle, loving and sweet.
Playing with friend Giovanni is a very special treat.
His mama loves to kiss him and daddy gives nightly snuggles
His 3 big sisters boss him but balance it with love.
He is our special three year old, a true gift from heaven above.

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