Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WARNING - Christmas spoiler

Well, it's official. Not every child in our home is still a believer. She came to the knowledge kicking and screaming, but our oldest child has now been informed by those well meaning "smarter" kids at school. She wanted so much for her beliefs to be true... "but what about this... and what about that... and how does THIS happen...and if HE doesn't do put the gifts in the stocking, than is it...YOU???" Poor thing. When I confirmed her worst fears, she cried - sobbed really. We talked about magic and make-believe and the BIGGIE that we keep our new discovery to ourselves, and then I gave her some hope that she can hang on to for perhaps a few more months, maybe at least to get her through the season. I said "There's always the chance that mommy's wrong". Her face was brighter than our Christmas tree as she staked her heart on this possibility. Because... THAT has happened before, and THAT she can believe in!!! I hate that they have to find out the truth; if only we could believe in the myth and magic of Santa for all of our lives...BUT then again, maybe I'm wrong!!!


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  1. Yes, we had this problem in our house this past week. Caleb know the "santa secret" and he decided to share it with his brothers. They didn't accept it, but have been asking me about it everyday. I just told them it's a fun game we play that helps to put our imaginations to use at Christmas time. It's fun to pretend. I'm getting a birthday cake this year for Jesus, that way they are more excited about Christ's birth then about Santa. It's a hard balance. Glad you enjoyed your time in Yuma, I'm sure they were blessed.