Friday, December 12, 2008

Silent night, holy night

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak to one of my MOPS groups. The group was in Yuma, Colorado. I stopped at Starbucks before I left, treated myself to a Venti egg nog latte and then headed east. It was lovely being in the van with my heated seat, my OWN music playing, and quiet in the back seat. Later on the drive, I got to talk to one my sisters,a friend, and also checked in with Patrick and the kiddies. YAY for cell phones!! Because my grandparents lived in Wray (27 miles further east down the road from Yuma) the drive was very familiar and a bit sentimental for me, as Grandpa and Grandma passed away 2 years ago. I always loved visiting my grandparents - they were some of my very favorite people, and I miss them. It was really enjoyable to think about them as I drove eastward. There is a lot of Christmas spirit out there on Highway 34!!! I think that half of the houses had lights on every surface of their house - SO pretty!!! Once I arrived in Yuma, I was greeted by the sweetest ladies. A year ago there wasn't even a group at this church; now they are a fun and happy group of moms. I was so blessed to share with them what God had given me on the topic of balance in our lives as moms. It's not something that I have arrived at by any means, but it is something that I attempt to find most days. It was encouraging to be with other moms who, like me, are striving for balance (and sanity!) in our lives. I love getting the opportunity to learn how to become a better speaker, and I also love being with MOPS moms like the moms in Yuma. What a wonderful group they were - so gracious and welcoming! I feel like I now have friends in Yuma, and some of them even knew my great Aunt Jennie!! Such a small world. As I listened to my Sara Groves Christmas CD, I was struck by this familiar phrase in the song "Silent Night". "Jesus, Lord at Thy birth." I hadn't ever thought about what that really means. He was Lord when He was born * wow* He didn't turn into Lord when He died on the cross for my sins. He was Lord all of His life; from the very beginning to the very end. It was something for me to think about during my own "silent night", driving alone in my van. It was definitely a "holy night" for me.

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