Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nothing in particular

It's snowing here. Michael and Meredith have been exclaiming and reporting about the snow all morning. Meredith said "I see white dots in the sky, Mommy". Meredith got a "new" dresser yesterday. It is shorter than her other one, so she can reach the drawers, as well as it has a hanger where she can hang all of her precious dresses. She can't reach the bar in her closet, so I thought that this would work better. She loves it!! She actually came downstairs with a different dress than she has worn in a long time today and I think it was because she could see her choices. I have had to explain to her teacher many times that Meredith DOES have other clothes other than her purple dress, and that I do wash her purple dress. Well, today she has on a pink dress - will wonders never cease! Michael is sleeping and Meredith is at pre-school right now. The house is very quiet. I am waiting for a client to arrive and until then, I'm not sure what I will do. Maybe I will watch the white dots. Marky and Maddie have piano lessons with Grandma Oman after school and then I think that I will take them to Kohls to find some long sleeve shirts. I tried to do that with Michael earlier and it was a nightmare. Just ask all of the people who heard him screaming in the store. NIGHTMARE. As you can see it's just an ordinary day around here. Let it snow!!!

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