Sunday, October 19, 2008

our girly day

Friday was a day off from school for all 3 girls. We had parent/teacher conferences for them; we are so proud of the reports from their teachers. Each of the girls is unique in how they approach their school work, their desks, their friendships. They each reflect how God individually created them. Their teachers adore them, and they are all excelling academically and socially. When we got home from conferences, the girls played with their dollies. We did some hair, and they dressed alike; I was downstairs with them playing instead of upstairs worrying about what needed to be cleaned, straightened, washed or picked up. It was so enjoyable just to play with them. Of course Michael was in the midst of us all, zooming his big Tonka truck around the dolly clothes and accessories. As a reward for their wonderful report cards and excellent teacher reports, I took the girls to Qudoba for lunch (Michael styaed home with Daddy and took a much needed nap), and then we went to a new "makeup store" for a field trip. I told the girls they could all pick out 1 thing. Boy oh boy... we were ALL overwhelmed with how much was in the store! It was a really fun place. Usually Maddie picks out what she wants very quickly, and it takes Marky a while to decide. It was different this time for some reason! Marky picked out some lipgloss right away, and then Meredith found some glittery nail polish (she takes after Grandma Oman with her love for all things glittery!). Finally, after 30 minutes of browsing, I encouraged Maddie to decide - it was fun watching her and Marky interact about what she should buy (finally settled on a makeup kit... mmmm...). I loved every second of it. It reminded me of when my sister Lisa and I would ride our bikes up to Walgreens at the University Mall. After the makeup store, we went to Target where they picked out some boots that they were dying to have; pink for Meredith, brown for Maddie and tan for Marky. An afternoon of shoes and make up; it doesn't get ANY better than that!!!... I certainly have 3 girly girls. It was so much fun spending time with my daughters. I loved every minute of it.

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  1. You are such an amazing mom! Your girls and Michael are blessed to have you. I am too because you are my friend.