Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Highlights

We had the BEST weekend as a family - Here are some of the highlights, and a few photos of some of the things that we did.
* Meredith's preschool class went on a field trip to King Soopers (grocery store) on Friday afternoon. She got to go inside the big refrigerator, but wasn't impressed because she was SO cold. Daddy went on this field trip with Meredith.
* We drove up to Laramie, Wyoming on Friday evening to a dinner with some of Patrick's work associates. There were a lot of kids there to play with, and Marky even came home with a new dolly. I loved being with Patrick and his co-workers. It's fun to see him through other people's eyes. I was so proud of my family.
* Saturday morning we went to Lowes for the kids workshop. The kids got to build a FIRETRUCK!!! They had lots of fun!!
* Marky got to go to Cassidy's birthday party. Maddie got to tag-a-long so she could play with McKenna; Celia came with Meredith and I for a special little outing.
* Patrick and I went to the movies!!!
* Sarah and Jason babysat - (Marky and Maddie got to go with Jason to Target to get carpet cleaner because Molly pooped - they LOVED THAT) !!
* Great church service
* Patrick and I had ANOTHER date - Starbucks
* We went to Taco Bell and got lunch and then went over to Daddy's new office and had a picnic.
* We went to Bath Nursery to look around. Michael LOVED the toy train that rides around the tree. He kept trying to catch it - actually succeeded one time and derailed it. Mommy came to the rescue. The girls really enjoyed looking at the plants. Mommy resisted the urge to buy anything more for the yard.
* Grandma and Poppop Oman came over for a visit.

It was a perfect weekend. We are so blessed, and we are so thankful.

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