Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grasshopper flu

My poor Maddie-girl has the stomach flu. This is not good. Daddy kept watch over her this morning while I was at Bible Study. This was an enormous sacrifice (and HELP!) on his part for reasons that only fellow sympathy vomitters can relate to. I keep waiting for someone else to tell me that their tummy hurts, or listening for any noise that my be an indication that it has spread. I even started thinking about how I was going to cancel my trip to Dallas next week when I get the flu... then I was nudged in my spirit about the verse in Matthew about worrying about tomorrow. So, Maddie has had a movie day, and a multi-bath day, and I am praying that this is just an isolated case. This morning I asked her if anyone at school had the stomach flu and she said, "No, I think that my tummy hurts because I played with grasshoppers yesterday." Funny girl :).

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